Hydrodemolition utilises the power of high pressure water jetting for the controlled removal and / or demolition of concrete.  Al Hydro Jetting are a UK based company who service the whole of the UK.  We have the experience, skill, ingenuity, team and top equipment to provide the most cost effective solution for you Hydro demolition requirements.

This procedure is now recognised by structural engineers as the best, safest, most effective, vibration-free method of all concrete removal without damaging the structure which suffers no cracking and also reinforcing steel is all left undamaged.

The advantages of hydro-jetting

? Allows for selective concrete removal, ensures non-defective concrete remains intact

? Provides a cleaned and suitably prepared surface for the application of new concrete

? Avoids dust pollution

? Reduces excess noise pollution

? Reduces risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome related injuries 

? Eliminates risks of contamination due to the ability of water being captured, cleaned & recycled

? Eliminates risk of micro cracking with structures caused by percussive methods

? Ensures the maintained integrity of reinforcing steel

? Cleans corrision and chloride salts from reinforcing steel

? Reduces operational downtimes