Refractory demolition or removal can be done by robotic breakers, manually with handheld chipping hammers or hydro-demolition, when possible hydro-demolition is the preferred method. It is faster than mechanical breaking and the mounting surface (anchors) of the refractory will not be damaged during the process along with the levels of silica dust in the air is greatly reduced.

Refractory requires anchor systems to hold the refractory material. Anchors include formed metal or wire forms, the anchor used for refractory on vertical walls and roofs are critical because they must be able to support the weight of the refractory at elevated temperatures and harsh operating conditions. When removing refractory it is crucial that these anchors are not damaged in the process.

AL Hydrojetting offers robotic hydro-demolition which also allows for a much safer operation during refractory removal. Our high safety and experience in the industry makes us a great choice when it comes to this service.

Benefits of hydro-demolition of refractory

  • Eliminates damage to mounting surface
  • Minimal downtime
  • More efficient
  • Dust free