AL Hydrojetting’s computer controlled robotic Hydro-demolition machine is ideal for quickly and efficiently removing concrete, leaving behind a sound clean surface while also keeping the rebars intact ready for any reinstatement works.

Robots are suitable for deck work, soffits and walls and in most cases controlled by a single operator. Our electric powered machine is ideal for them enclosed areas where exhaust fumes are an issue.

Its small size and low weight allows the robot to easily pass through narrow passages such as doorframes or operate from scaffolding, with its hydraulic extensions can reach as far as 3m (9,8 ft) making this robot agile, powerful and very easy to position.

with its fully integrated and self-contained hood covering the working nozzle leaving no danger of flying debris. While also keeping the operator at a safe distance controlling the operation with a radio remote control making this machine ideal for all your hydro-demolition needs.

Benefits of Robotic Hydro-demolition:

  • Replaces hand lance work
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Operate from a safe distance
  • Small and low weight