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Concrete Scabbling Overview

Concrete scabbling is a process of removing a thin layer from the surface of concrete. This surface preparation can be carried out to a range of specified levels as required for each specific project. Ranging from 1-3mm of laitance to removing enough to expose the aggregate.

Typically, scabbling is done with pressurised air equipment causing great risks to the operator, silica exposure and or white finger syndrome to name a few. Water jet scabbling, on the other hand, is achieved using specialised equipment that rotates a spray of highly pressurised water to the targeted concrete leaving behind the perfect key for bonding new concrete or coatings.

Our vibration free water jetting based concrete scabbling makes our technique far safer than traditional types of concrete removal by dampening any dust clouds reducing the chances of operators breathing harmful silica dust.

What are the benefits of High Pressure Water Concrete Scabbling

Concrete scabbling is effective at removing various substances from concrete surfaces where many traditional techniques are not productive. This is great at removing latex adhesives, paint, rusted material grease or waterproof membranes from concrete surfaces.

This process leaves the concrete pores open, providing a superior surface for applying coatings.

Less damaging to the concrete structure and does not affect the reinforcement steel.

Creates no vibrations or oscillations ensuring the integrity of the surrounding and lower surfaces remain intact. Does not introduce micro cracking in the concrete, which can be a cause of future moisture ingress.

Additionally, unlike the traditional jackhammer techniques, water-based scabbling reduces noise pollution.

Is a safer alternative that dampens any dust clouds and reduces the chances of breathing silica dust.