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Surface Preparation Overview

Surface preparation using ultra high-pressure water jets. The adaptiveness of our methods allows A L Hydrojetting to prepare a variety of surfaces on different structures and provide a clean dust free, bare metal or exposed aggregate finish.

Using our service and specialist operators is a cheaper, safer and a cost-effective alternative to sand-blasting or mechanical surface preparation methods. Our techniques are abrasive free, and this avoids waste disposal costs with abrasive cleaning.

This method of surface preparation is perfect for applying new concrete or coatings. High pressure water jetting surface preparation removes almost all non-visual chemical traces and debris, meaning that it does not require any additional work shortening programme periods and reducing costs for our clients.

The usage of hydro jetting surface preparation methods allows us to reach small areas that are otherwise difficult to do with traditional methods. Water jets are proven to be excellent at removing rust, bitumen, epoxies, paints and other coatings from any surface with minimal intervention.

Benefits of water jetting surface preparation

Dust free allowing other trades to work in the vicinity

Minimal waste disposal, 98% less than grit blasting

Can be used in wet and windy conditions

Environmentally friendly

Reduces time

No contamination of sensitive rotating equipment

In marine environments removes all chlorides from substrate leaving a perfect surface for new paint

Sheeting not required