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Creating Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a bespoke package designed to provide the best solution to your project. From concrete hydro demolition to hydro scrabbling, We have you covered.

Concrete Scabbling

In modern construction, scabbling is a mechanical process of removing a thin layer of concrete from a structure, typically achieved by compressed air powered.

Robotic Hydrodemolition

At AL Hydrojetting our robots can withstand extremely high reaction forces, meaning they make use of much larger pumps, saving fuel and enabling you to work in a more eco-friendly manner.

Agitator Mixer Drum Cleaning

We provide specialised High-pressure equipment and operators to clean and remove concrete build-up from within mixer drum agitator throughout the whole of the UK.

Pipe Cleaning

Drain cleaning or blocked drains/pipework should only be cleaned and maintained with specialist jetting systems.

Hydro-Demolition of Concrete

Hydrodemolition utilises the power of high pressure water jetting for the controlled removal and / or demolition of concrete.

Surface Preparation

A L Hydrojetting offer surface preparation of concrete and steel using ultra high pressure water jets.


Unlocking the World of Hydrojetting: Your Questions Answered

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