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Mixer Drum Cleaning Overview

At A L Hydrojetting we provide specialised High-pressure equipment and operators to clean and remove concrete build-up from within mixer drum agitator throughout the whole of the UK.

Using our techniques to clear hardened concrete build-up has many benefits to our clients’ assets.

Our Drum cleaning solutions are essential for our clients, reducing concrete build up increases much wanted capacity and unwanted weight on the machine, increasing fuel economy and minimising the wear and tear to the engine.

The use of high-pressure water jetting is also suitable for cleaning and removing coatings, surface preparation, and removing tough surfaces without causing damage to the integrity of the drum. Unlike the traditional method “pneumatic breakers” that carries a high risk of seriously injuring the operator, damaging the integrity of the drum and time consuming.

Our skilled professionals evaluate each job on an individual basis to ensure that all work is done safely and to the highest standards.

Benefits of high-pressure water drum blasting

One of the primary benefits of drum blasting increases loading capacity.

Increases fuel economy.

Minimises wear and tear to the engine, brakes and tyres.

Using water is more environmentally friendly than methods involving solvents, chipping hammers reducing the environmental impact of the process.

Our solutions can dramatically decrease cleaning downtime, making it an effective and efficient alternative.