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Define the Requirements & Constraints

Hydrodemolition is a method of concrete removal that uses ultra-high-pressure or High-pressure water to effectively remove old or damaged concrete. The Hydrodemolition process uses targeted high-pressure jets to cut through and remove unwanted concrete with high precision without damaging any surrounding structures or steel substructures within the concrete leaving an ideal bonding surface for fresh concrete.

The Hydrodemolition process is a safe and environmentally friendly concrete removal technique of removing concrete without sacrificing the steel reinforcement and other structural parts of the building or equipment. Hydrodemolition also offers a vibration free method of removing unwanted concrete reducing the risk of vibration white finger or micro fractures to the surrounding sound concrete.

In addition to being incredibly effective and environmentally friendlier than traditional methods of demolition, it also is much quieter than the heavy-duty machinery used in demolition. The Hydrodemolition process reduces noise damage caused in the area which keeps the neighbours and surrounding environment happy.

The wastewater used in Hydrodemolition can be treated and filtered to remove sediment and lower Ph levels to avoid contamination.

The Benefits of Hydro-Demolition

No vibration during the demolition process, that may cause micro-cracking.

The affected area can be removed with precision, which traditional methods are unable to meet

Easier access for hard-to-reach areas

Maintains the structural integrity of reinforcing steel that is supporting the building or the structure that needs the concrete replaced

Reinforcing steel is cleaned during high-pressure water jetting, meaning that no further costs or labour are involved in preparing for the repairs

Permits selective removal of defective concrete, allowing unflawed concrete to remain

Produces a clean surface ideal for bonding with new concrete

Workers can work safely and efficiently, unaffected by the vibrations caused by traditional demolition methods.